Are you Work Ready?

Gain a better understanding of yourself, your strengths, interests and how you interact in different environments. Add some interview practice, some executive function coaching, and some WorkSMARTS© and you'll be prepared for the working world!
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 WorkSMARTS© - learn how the workplace "works"

Gain the social skills and understanding of the workplace environment you need to begin a job or advance your career.
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Learn how the workplace "works"!

While not everyone has to be super social at work,
understanding the social "nuances" of your job site
can be beneficial for neurodiverse individuals'
self-esteem, self-advocacy and career advancement.

De-mystify "why" at work...

Organizational heirarchy

What is an "org chart" and why is that important? Are you ready for teamwork and collaboration at different levels?

How does culture affect interaction?

How do social dynamics and corporate "culture" differ from home or educational settings?

Reduce stress and achieve results.

Do you have the skills to communicate and contribute effectively, pursue opportunities and achieve worksite satisfaction?