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Through tailored activities and guidance we empower individuals with disabilities to confidently navigate the transition from adolescence to a fulfilling and successful work life.
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Job Linx

Live, virtual classes with peers and a facilitator provide you the opportunity to understand and discuss nuances of the working world so you can better integrate and collaborate at work! 

While not everyone has to be super social at work,
understanding the social "nuances" of your job site
can be beneficial for neurodiverse individuals'
self-esteem, self-advocacy and career advancement.

Transition Courses

Hi! I'm Drinela !

Welcome to my virtual space! I am Drinela, a devoted advocate for special education with extensive experience in the field. I earned my Masters in Special Education from Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez - Universidad Metropolitana and possess a Bachelors in Elementary Education with a Minor in Learning Disabilities. Over two decades, I've served as a Special Education Teacher, working with students from Kindergarten to Vocational High School. Additionally, I spent four rewarding years as a Transition Program Coordinator for a non-profit organization, guiding students towards independence.

Beyond academics, I find joy in family activities like biking, kayaking, and cherishing moments at the beach or in parks. A significant part of my life involves reading and researching resources to benefit our special needs community. I'm particularly passionate about raising awareness regarding transition and the importance of fostering independence.

A pivotal moment in my career occurred a decade ago when I became a proud mother of fraternal twins, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. This personal experience has deepened my commitment to supporting not only my child but also others facing similar challenges.  I am eager to share insights, experiences, and resources as we collectively work towards creating an inclusive and supportive community for individuals with special needs. Let's embark on this journey of learning, growth, and advocacy together!

P.S. Yo hablo español! Being bilingual in English and Spanish allows me to connect with a diverse range of individuals.
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