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Are you job ready? Join a WorkSMARTS© (work place social skills) online class to start or further your career!

  • Ages 18+ 
  • This live discussion course is appropriate for those currently working or seeking employment
  • Tuesdays: 7:00 pm CST - one hour
  • 10 classes each session
  • Virtual class led by an expert instructor
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    WorkSMARTS© is specifically designed for neurodiverse employees seeking to improve their social skills so they can better understand and interact with co-workers and supervisors. Teacher led, peer group conversations cover real-world, thought-provoking situations like the sample topics listed here. Welcome! Let's learn some WorkSMARTS© together!
    Getting oriented

    Intro to the Corporate World

    How to deal with stuff at work

    Annoyances and Misunderstanding

    The office is not your house

    Personal Professional Behavior

    Knowing who to trust and how to get help


    It's called work for a reason

    Professional Relationships & Boundaries

    Vibes, unwritten rules and culture

    Managing Office Politics