Frequently asked questions

FAQ 1 -The Spectrum Linx Welcome

Welcome! We believe in an inclusive community where connections matter. We welcome learners from diverse backgrounds, locations and with various learning needs. We appreciate feedback and will continually strive to update and improve our services based on your suggestions. Please be patient, kind and helpful to all those participating. Good manners and respect is required. Profanity, bullying or other ugliness will not be tolerated in this safe community where questions get answered and feeling supported matters. We will respond as quickly as possible to issues that arise. We are glad you are here! 

FAQ 2 - Want to chat?

We work across many time zones so the best way to contact us is by email at [email protected]. If you're in the US you can call 281-826-6020 and a live person will call you back (we are in CST time zone)!  We love to know what you think - don't be shy!

FAQ 3 - Who is a good candidate for Spectrum Linx virtual social skills classes?

We do not require a diagnosis; however, most of our students are on the autism spectrum, have ADD/ADHD, social anxiety, depression or other special needs. Our students have trouble making and keeping friends, but are motivated to make friends. They need boundaries, filters and coping skills and are motivated to participate in online classroom discussions. We learn and have fun!

FAQ 4 - How much progress will my child/young adult make in a virtual social skills class?

Each participant in our program will have varying results, in part due to individual motivation and focus on the lesson topics presented. We highly encourage parents (caregivers, or staff) to further assist with generalizing skills through active practice in daily life. social skills training is an all-day, every day adventure! While we cannot guarantee an outcome, we guarantee your satisfaction with our courses and offer many courses on ways parents can support their children 24/7.

FAQ 5 -  What are the technical requirements for participating in a virtual social skills class?

Simply put, you need a computer, tablet or smart phone, with a camera, and good internet connection. 

FAQ 6 - What are your lessons based on?

We don't teach a curriculum but rather skills based on evidence-based practices. Our lessons are based on a 4-step principle:
1. Describe the skill
2. Model the skill
3. Practice the skill
4. Immediate feedback
Lessons are age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate according to the class selected.

FAQ 7 - Who are your teachers and what are their qualifications?

Our teachers are experts in their fields. Many hold advanced degrees. Please see their bios for full descriptions.

FAQ 8 - Good friend rules for participating in virtual social skills classes.

Be on time, ready to learn, and always considerate of your teacher and classmates.
Your class is as great as you make it - be prepared, participate and stay focused!
If you don't understand, feel free to ask!

Good candidates for classes can sit and attend to a 45 minute class. Four younger students, parents may need to sit beside them to assist.

FAQ 9 - Virtual Classes are not recorded.

Because we value your privacy, please know that we DO NOT record live sessions. 

FAQ 9 - Cancellations, refunds and smiles

We know life is complicated and schedules change!

Refunds will be cheerfully processed per the below:
-Full refund until the day class starts.
-If you withdraw on days 1-14 you will be charged for a minimum of one class and refunded the balance of classes that were not attended.
-If you withdraw after 14 days of the class start date your remaining class fees are non-refundable because we reserved that space for your child.
-If Spectrum Linx cancels a course, you will receive a full refund.
-In rare instances, if a single class is canceled, you will be refunded the prorated cost of the individual class.
-If you miss a class, we are not able to provide refunds or make-up classes however your teacher may be contacted to discuss what was missed.

We want you to keep coming back! If you are not completely satisfied with our program, please let us know what we an do better at [email protected]! Thank you!

FAQ 10 - Thoughts on puzzle pieces, language and therapies

We know that there is a lot of discussion - and controversy - in the autism community regarding use of the puzzle piece, whether identify-first or person-first language should be used and whether or not ABA is an acceptable therapy for example. We at Spectrum Linx believe that everyone has  a right to their own opinion. You will find that some of our teachers and coaches may use identity-first language while others may use person-first. We believe that choosing a particular therapy for a child is a very personal experience. Our goal is to provide information to help parents make informed-decisions. 

What we ask of you is to be respectful of others on our site and in our classes. We will not tolerate bullying and reserve the right to ban anyone from our site and/or classes at anytime due to disrespectful and hateful behavior toward others.

FAQ 11 - Are classes or coaching covered by insurance?

We know how much it costs to raise a child on the spectrum but at this time, Spectrum Linx does not accept insurance or other types of group or governmental payments. We will gladly provide you a receipt of services if that is helpful!