Our Philosophy

We are parents and educators who believe in fulfilling lives for those with special needs.
We believe in creating a climate of high expectations. We believe that inclusion should occur naturally.
We believe in giving back to make trainings possible for those who cannot afford services.
We enable connections that matter. 
We dedicate ourselves and our trainings to these ideals and to serve those who will benefit from our efforts.

Helping you reach your goals

Spectrum Linx's uniqueness is defined by its personalized and compassionate approach to supporting parents and caregivers of children with autism, anchored in real-life experience. Founded by a stepmother to a son with autism, Spectrum Linx's understanding goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering an authentic connection to the challenges faced by families. By offering a comprehensive suite of products, including microlearning courses, journey maps, live virtual coaching, and community support, Spectrum Linx equips families with practical tools that align with the day-to-day realities of raising a child with special needs. This personalized, experience-based approach distinguishes Spectrum Linx as a trusted partner to parents and collaborators in the field.

Our Vision

To bridge understanding & action for parents & caregivers of children with autism and similar special needs by providing targeted resources, education, & coaching, empowering families & supporting workplaces.

Co-founder and CEO

Wendy is an award-winning leader and entrepreneur with a distinguished career in business development, strategic planning, and emerging market management that has spanned Paris, New York, and Houston. She adeptly transfers strategic insights across diverse markets to drive innovation and pioneer new companies. Wendy's expertise in strategic planning, financial analysis, marketing, project management, and team leadership has defined her professional path. On a personal level, Wendy's life was transformed 26 years ago when her stepson was diagnosed with autism, inspiring her to address the challenges faced by individuals with autism. This led her to establish Social Motion Skills, a successful nonprofit dedicated to social and vocational training for children and young adults with autism, which she led for 12 years. Continuing her passion for this cause, in 2018, Wendy co- founded Incuentro, LLC, including the Spectrum Linx Division, focusing on developing practical, affordable, and effective trainings for individuals with autism, blending her professional acumen with a deeply personal mission.
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Co-founder and education director

Brandi Timmons, MEd, BCBA,LBA has over two decades of experience as a special educator, championing the potential in autistic children and adults by fostering environments that spotlight their strengths. Brandi's contributions extend beyond classrooms. She's a writer and researcher, state and national speaker, curriculum designer, and program creator. Most recently she has co-founded the Spectrum Linx Division of Incuentro LLC, a pivotal resource for families of autistic members that provides support, guidance, and knowledge at every stage of the autism journey.