—Are you concerned about a possible autism diagnosis? 

Screenings provide guidance

Did you know that there are screening tools available for free? Most of these screenings are checklists that can be completed by parents/caregivers or the individual themselves (teens and adults). 


The CDC reports 1 in 36...

...children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Early understanding and intervention are key to long-term impact. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has published guidelines for developmental monitoring and screening. (download below)
Signs and severity of autism vary widely. Not everyone with autism will show all the signs. Even
individuals who do not have a diagnosis may show a few signs. Signs may vary significantly between boys and girls as well. 

Some signs of autism:

  • Avoidance of eye contact
  • Delayed language development
  • Restricted interests
  • Repetitive behaviors (flapping, rocking, etc.)
  • Not responding when people smile or talk to them
  • Having trouble making friends
  • Not understanding humor or sarcasm
  • Repeating words or phrases
*This list is not exhaustive. Screening is appropriate if at any time you have concerns.
— First Step!

Choose a screening tool

Depending on the age of the individual, choose and complete an appropriate screening tool below.

ages 16-30 months

  • The Modified Checklist for Austism in Toddlers Revised and Follow-up
  • Parent questionnaire
  • Approximately 2 minutes
  • 20 questions

ages 6-17 yrs

  • Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire
  • Uses older term Aspergers to describe those with Level 1 Autism
  • Not appropriate for those with moderate or severe intellectual disability
  • Approximately 5 minutes

ages 16 and over

  • The Autism Spectrum Quotient
  • 50 item self-report measure
  • Approximately 8 minutes
  • Suitable for men and women who have normal intellectual functioning. 
— Still feeling uncertain? Not sure about the next steps?

We're here to help!

You can schedule a 30-minute Autism Screening Consultation with Brandi Timmons, MEd, BCBA, LBA here. She will help you understand your scores and talk through next steps with you.