The Birkman Assessment

  • Birkman Assessment and a 1:1 report consultation (via video conference)
  • Ages 16+ 
    (minimum 6th grade reading comprehension)
  • Online assessment takes approximately 30-60 minutes
  • Watch the video below for more information about The Birkman
  • Approximately 300 True/False questions
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    Answers to "what's next?"

    Is your child thinking about college and/or a career but doesn't know how to align strengths with these choices? Do you have ideas about what they like to do but are curious about what types of environment they would be most comfortable in? Are you needing to make transition plans but don't have enough data to make a confident decision about "next"?

    The Birkman can help answer your questions and provide simple, practical data to inform family discussions or planning with transition counselors.

    Use The Birkman assessment to boost confidence and encourage personal growth through better communication and a clearer understanding of Interests, Needs, Usual Behaviors, and Stress Behaviors.  Watch this video to learn more and follow these simple steps to add this tool in your box.

    1. Purchase the assessment. When you purchase the course, you will be asked to provide the name and email of the person who will take the Birkman.

    2. Receive your report: After assessment completion, a copy of the report will be emailed to the email provided.

    3. Personal consultation: When your Birkman assessment is complete you will have the option to purchase a 1:1 virtual conversation with a Birkman certified consultant to review your report in detail and answer any questions you may have.

    4. Discovery: We look forward to helping you with an "aha" moment.

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