Life Coaching

Everyone needs a little support at times.

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How will a life coach help me?

As someone diagnosed with autism, ADHD, social anxiety or similar - do you find yourself wishing you had help in some very specific areas of life? A Life Coach provides this support - help in the areas you need the most.
* Life coaches do not provide mental health support.

Social & communication skills

Navigating small-talk. Having conversations about topics you don't care about. Reading the room.

College & Career planning

How and where to find help with career planning. Investigating college programs that might be a good fit.

Daily schedules & routines

Keeping up with appointments. Managing the weekly upkeep of your home. Using technology to stay on task.

Study skills & habits

Planning ahead to make sure you meet class deadlines. Managing your time so you don't fall behind on studying. Organizing projects.

Budgeting & finances

Paying bills. Managing a checking account. Saving for that vacation you really want to take!

Understanding the world around you

You just have questions about the things that happen in your daily life and need someone to help you figure out the answers.

Weekly coaching meetings

Need to check in every week? Our coaches will be there for you! Schedule 4 weeks (minimum) to 12 week sessions. Monthly payment plan available.

Monthly coaching meetings

Is monthly support all you need to stay on track with your goals? Your coach will be there. Schedule one month at a time or a block of 3 months. Monthly payment plan available.
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